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Fall 2018: Delivering IT as a product

Digital transformation and a renewed emphasis on customer experience have CIOs seeking a more agile approach to delivering IT services.

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Welcome to the Fall 2018 digital issue of CIO. You'll learn how digital transformation and a renewed emphasis on customer experience have CIOs shifting their organizations' focus from projects to products, what it means to deliver IT as a product, and why it is a key component of an agile transformation. 


Who's succeeding with product-focused IT?
Many CIOs are facing the most challenging undertaking of their careers: shifting their IT organization's focus from projects to products. Unlike leaders of startups, who can create an organizational vision from scratch, most CIOs have to create their "new-not-new" IT organizations while supporting ongoing initiatives.

How AI is reshaping IT operations
Artificial intelligence is eating the world, one bite at a time, and IT operations is no exception. Companies are taking advantage of AI and machine learning to improve support, optimize infrastructure and predict system breakdowns, freeing up staff for higher-value tasks.

Rethinking IT service delivery
IT as a product is a strategy companies are more frequently adopting to apply modern product management technique for managing and operating an IT department. Typically, it involves the use of agile techniques as well as continuous integration and DevOps, to support a faster, more iterative way of developing digital systems.

CIO Leadership Live with Mojgan Lefebvre 
Host Maryfran Johnson talks with Mojgan Lefebvre, CIO for Liberty Mutual's Global Specialty business, about agile transformation and the IT group's evolution towards becoming a software organization.  "That switch away from thinking in terms of project and thinking more like products … is bringing a lot of technology organizations much more to the forefront in their own companies," says Lefebvre.

Measuring value in the digital age
Business leaders often go into digital transformation initiatives believing technology will solve their problem, but too often, these projects fail to deliver the promised value. A different take on tech investments can help CIOs change how investments are viewed. Here are 3 such mindset shifts and how they can result in more effective investment decisions.

At GM, self-service analytics drives business results
General Motors has built a predictive analytics platform that generates insights into several core business strategies, including anticipating market demand for autonomous vehicles. Maxis—shorthand for maximizing insights—represents a multimillion-dollar investment in data-crunching technologies that coincides with the company's IT strategy overhaul.

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