How to get more innovation from your IT outsourcer

CIOs looking to leverage service providers for disruptive solutions must change how they select, contract with, and manage those partners. 

How to get more innovation from your IT outsourcing provider
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While cost containment and performance improvements have long been primary drivers for IT services decisions, the desire for disruptive solutions is eclipsing those traditional rationales. IT leaders are seeking innovation — not only internally but from outsourcing partners — as they look to help the business become more agile and adaptive, create new products and services, and enter new markets.

“When I started, outsourcing was about cost cutting, getting some modest service level improvements, using expense instead of capital for variability, or accessing skills,” says Doug Plotkin, managing director with Deloitte Consulting. “We didn’t talk about innovation, and we didn’t talk that much about speed. Now everything is about speed and trying to get innovation.”

However, as the old saw goes, doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten. CIOs who want innovative solutions from their providers must shift how they select, contract with, and manage those partners. Here are actions IT leaders can take to drive more innovation from IT service providers.

Pick the right partner

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