LinkedIn Talent Solutions: 10 tips for hiring your perfect match

Looking for the perfect candidate? LinkedIn Talent Solutions offers powerful tools and services for leveraging real-time data and machine learning to find your match.

Best practices for hiring and recruiting on LinkedIn

Looking for the perfect candidate? New updates to LinkedIn Talent Solutions, announced at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect Conference, make the powerful tools and services you use to leverage real-time data and machine learning even better.

If you’re trying to fill available roles at your organization, you want to advertise your vacancy where the job-seekers are — for many companies, that means LinkedIn. With a network of approximately 645 million job seekers worldwide, LinkedIn is a great option, says Monica Lewis, group product manager, head of jobs, SMB and diversity at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn offers a number of options for companies seeking to find candidates through its platform, and has streamlined its recruiting and hiring platform and integrated its self-service data analytics platform, Talent Insights, as of October 2019. Here is a look at LinkedIn’s recruiting offerings, along with some best practices for making the most of them.

What is LinkedIn Talent Solutions?

LinkedIn’s recruiting and hiring unit, LinkedIn Talent Solutions (LTS), helps companies source, hire and develop talent through a combination of real-time data, AI and machine learning. LinkedIn announced at its Talent Connect Conference in October that it would merge Talent Insights with its Recruiter and Jobs platform so that all its talent management tools reside in a single, integrated platform. Here’s what the newly merged solution includes.

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