Top 11 agile tools for project management

Keep your projects humming with these tools geared for teams committed to agile practices and workflows.

Top 6 agile tools for project management
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When the Agile Manifesto first appeared in 2001, it was a set of radical ideas set down by a small group of programmers who thought there was a better way to create code. They had a plan to work faster and more productively. All they needed was the freedom to constantly reorganize their workflow — and a lot of Post-It notes and whiteboard space for keeping everything straight.

Now, almost 20 years later, agile has grown into a full movement supported by tool suites that support the process. The poor handwriting, dried adhesives, and multi-colored confusion of paper has been replaced with the precision and infinite attention of database-backed web applications.

It’s also not just for programmers. Agile principles have grown so popular that others in the company are taking notice. It’s not uncommon to find agile tool suites marketed to everyone in the enterprise, especially those involved in project management. This may be annoying to programmers, who find some of the tools don’t focus directly on software development tasks such as commits and deployment, but this growth is recognition of the smart work the programming world has done.

Here, in alphabetical order, are 11 of the most intriguing options for keeping everyone involved in your projects working together and pulling in the same direction.


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