Women in IT

7 factors women look for in an IT employer — and how to address them

Trying to improve diversity in your hiring pipeline? Here’s what will make your organization attractive to women and other minorities.

Women comprise 47 percent of the overall workforce in the U.S., but only 25 percent of the IT workforce, down considerably from a 1990 peak of 34 percent. While several factors have contributed to this decline, companies have considerable control over at least one: the workplace environment.

When women choose to step away from the IT career path, their workplace experience plays a notable role in that decision. IT organizations seeking to diversify their ranks and attract and retain talented women and minorities to their teams should consider the key factors that make a workplace attractive to land diverse talent and shape their working environment accordingly.

Key factors women look for in an employer

According to IDC’s Diversity, Inclusion and Women in Technology report, which surveyed more than 1,100 respondents in May and June 2018, women and men aren’t that dissimilar when it comes to the chief things they seek in a potential employer: Everyone wants to work at a company where they’ll earn competitive compensation, achieve work/life balance and contribute meaningful work to an organization that has a sense of purpose.

“From this research, it’s clear that women and men aren’t looking for vastly different things,” says Michelle Bailey, group vice president, general manager, and research fellow at IDC. “Everyone wants to be paid fairly, have a sense of mission and purpose to their work and have the opportunity to grow.”

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