6 'crackpot' technologies that might transform IT

Next-horizon technologies have piqued some IT leaders’ interest in terms of the business value they may ultimately drive. Others remain skeptical of the high-risk payoff.

7 'crackpot' technologies that might transform IT
George Peters / Getty Images

Famous mock musician David St. Hubbins once said, “There’s a fine line between stupid and clever.” On one side of the line is an endless celebration of genius. On the other: failure and ignominy.

The tech industry has no choice but to embrace innovation and risk taking. As such, some innovations start out looking crazy but end up being brilliant. Others start out looking just as crazy and implode under the weight of their own insanity. 

In that light, here are seven next-horizon ideas that ride that fine line between amazing and amazingly stupid. The developers of these innovations might prove to be crackpots — or they could turn out be insanely great. The technology could end up being a blackhole for venture cash or a savvy play for business value emerging along the fringe. It all depends on your perspective.

Quantum computers

Of all the out-there technologies, nothing gets more press than quantum computers — and nothing is spookier. The work is done by a mixture of physicists and computer scientists fiddling with strange devices at super-cold temperatures. If it requires liquid nitrogen and lab coats, well, it’s got to be innovation.

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