What good leaders do: 3 key practices you can adopt today

Providing good leadership means giving the people on your team the safety and space they need to thrive. Here are three things you can start doing now that will make a big difference in the year ahead.

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Earlier this year, I made a passing comment on LinkedIn that I had “finally figured out what it means to be a leader, not just a manager.” Afterwards, people followed up asking, “How do you become a leader and what made you realize this and adjust?”

Honestly, the answer is that I had a buckling amount of work and hiring more people wasn’t an option. My team was already operating efficiently, so the only way to optimize was to look at myself. After carefully examining my tasks, I realized that the work I was doing was less coaching and more oversight. This realization led me to understand that I could not scale by managing people, I needed to start leading them.

Later, during a flight with no Wi-Fi connection, I had nothing to do but sit and think. I spent the time thinking about what I thought made a good leader based on my personal experiences and nearly 20 years of working professionally — on both sides of the leadership equation.

This list is for all people, in all levels, and in all industries who want to contribute to making the working world a little better for the people on their team.

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