Why AI as a service is poised to take off

Like SaaS before it, AIaaS is a boon for businesses that want tap into the power of AI — without the time and expense of developing their own AI-based systems.

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Remember when software as a service (SaaS) was the future of computing?  

Though SaaS had been around since the 1960s—a period when computers were enormous and few businesses could even afford them—it didn’t truly gain broad market momentum until the late 1990s when the internet became a widespread and accessible resource. The internet meant businesses could move software applications to off-site data centers, no longer clogging up mainframes, LANs, and/or local hard drives with programs and data.

Software innovators around the time of the dot-com boom saw the advantages of the SaaS recurring revenue model (paying a monthly or yearly subscription for application access) and industry pioneers like Salesforce and Evernote were born. SaaS was also a way for small and mid-size businesses to punch above their weight. They could subscribe to leading software applications that powered efficiency and innovation without big hardware and infrastructure investments.

How SaaS was being used almost 20 years ago, is an excellent way to understand where the marketplace is today with AI as more businesses leverage it to innovate and advance without the time and expense of developing their own AI-based systems.

Now it’s AI’s turn

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