Scaling agile and DevOps for digital transformation

Overhauling your product and services development and delivery process at the organizational level can help ensure digital success.

Many organizations see a move to agile software development and then to DevOps as key steps in their digital transformation journeys.

But in many cases, these transitions are tackled by smaller teams, thereby limiting the overall impact they can have. Rolling out these practices more broadly throughout the organization can pay significant dividends by revamping processes on a grander scale. But making that leap is challenging.

Agile, a development methodology that involves collaboration among self-organizing and cross-functional teams, as well as the end users of the software, is aimed at enhancing the quality and speed of software and services development.

DevOps, meanwhile, blends software development and IT operations to shorten the development lifecycle and provide continuous delivery of applications with high quality.

Together these approaches can accelerate digital transformation and have a major impact on how work gets done — particularly if they are scaled up to involve more users and projects. Here are some tips for succeeding with agile and DevOps at scale.

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