How COVID-19 is changing IT spending priorities for CIOs in India

CIOs tell us how the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a complete shift in IT priorities and impacted their tech investments.

COVID-19 Impact on Tech Investments

The world’s biggest coronavirus lockdown just got extended by an additional 19 days. With no definite endpoint in sight, CIOs are focused on ensuring business continuity; remote working is the new norm and technologies associated with remote operations are taking center stage.

CIO India’s survey on COVID-19’s impact on IT jobs and investments conducted 7-9 April captures how it has changed IT spending priorities and tech investments across India Inc.

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COVID-19 Impact on IT jobs and Investments - A CIO India Survey (7-9 April 2020)

Our survey reveals that 56 percent of CIOs are increasing investments in security; close on its heels is collaboration with 52 percent, followed by mobility and cloud with 49 percent and 36 percent respectively.

The change in IT spending priorities is not typical to the Indian enterprise alone. An IDC survey shows that while the IT spending growth forecast has been pegged down from 5.1 percent to 2.7 percent in a span of less than three months, cloud and security have been identified as key areas for sustained crisis response.

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