COVID-19 in India: 3 developments US CIOs should watch (and 3 steps to take now)

Aggressive policies to limit COVID-19’s impacts are constraining the abilities of some offshore service providers to fulfill their obligations. Look behind the headlines to assess the situation where your providers are based.

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Editor's note: This article is the first in a three-part series to help information technology leaders who depend on partners and suppliers in India for core information technology services better understand the current status of COVID-19 in India, the impact on offshore IT service relationships, and what actions can be taken to protect and support U.S. enterprises.

COVID-19 arrived in the Indian subcontinent several weeks later than Europe and North America, and India’s numbers remain muted to-date based on early, aggressive government policies.  However, India’s population density, healthcare capacity, and infrastructure gaps leave the country exceptionally vulnerable if COVID-19 is not closely contained. 

Like the U.S., the situation varies greatly between states and major cities across India.  It is essential to dig beneath the headlines to understand the situation where your specific providers are based, and to monitor the situation over time.

Indian tech leaders now face the unprecedented challenge of continuing to sustain business operations uninterrupted while facing the onslaught of the global pandemic.  Even the best disaster recovery and business continuity plans could not have fully anticipated this complex health, economic and technological disruption. 

Following are the realities, positive and negative, informed by conversations we've had with on-the-ground Indian sources. 

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