8 expert tips for remote project management

Seasoned remote project managers offer next-level tips and tricks from the virtual trenches for coordinating the output and productivity of remote teams.

8 expert tips for remote project management
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In the past few weeks, you’ve pulled off a feat you once believed impossible: Without notice, planning, or training you became project manager for a remote team you never see in person.

Managing remotely is a specialized skill, requiring communication and mediation skills, digital tools, and excellent planning and visualization. When built from the ground up, a remote team operates differently from one that works in an office. It would even have different people on it — those who sought and selected a remote job.

Not everyone thrives in a work-from-home setting. According to a recent study from the National Research Group, 51 percent of Gen Z find working from home distracting and 41 percent say they don’t have the necessary resources. “There are advantages and disadvantages to remote work,” agrees Kenny Johnston, director of product ops at GitLab. GitLab is a completely remote company with teams in more than 65 countries. “The people we hire enjoy it and we self-select for a principle we call ‘manager of one,’ which means we expect people to be proactive, define their own work, and be responsible for their own projects.”

If managing a remote team is new to you, you’ll need to hone some skills. To that end, I spoke to project managers who’ve been managing remote teams for years. Here is their advice.

1. Communicate intentionally

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