IT leaders juggle staffing strategies, post-COVID

As project priorities (and IT budgets) shift, CIOs are rethinking how to acquire much needed skills in uncertain times.

IT leaders juggle staffing strategies, post-COVID

Mark Chamberlain, vice president and head of global infrastructure at ADP, continued to recruit new IT workers during the second quarter of 2020, even as the coronavirus pandemic took hold across the globe.

And he expects to hire new workers throughout the rest of the year, too.

In fact, much of his staffing strategy remains on track, despite COVID-19’s disruptions. He’s bringing in new people, hiring them as contractors with the goal of making them full-time employees if they prove to be a good fit. And he’s still using a small pool of supplemental staff to augment his team of 250 workers, with contractors from his vendors making up many within that additional workforce.

The steady state of IT staffing at Chamberlain’s company isn’t an anomaly, but it’s not necessarily universal either.

Enterprise IT staffing strategies are becoming both increasingly complex and tenuous, according to multiple sources.

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