7 issues keeping CIOs up at night

No one-size nightmare fits all, but CIOs share many of the same concerns about securing the enterprise, automating work processes and retaining customers for the long haul.

7 issues keeping CIOs up at night
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The hits just keep coming — a global pandemic with no clear end in sight, business shutdowns, remote work mandates, a surge in cyber attacks, business strategy upheaval, and an uncertain business future. It’s a wonder CIOs get any sleep at night. 

“All CIOs are facing a tremendous amount and variety of pressures and asks,” says Steve Bates, principal and global lead at KPMG’s CIO Center of Excellence. “Because of the reactive nature of the COVID crisis — they’re stuck in a whack-a-mole environment, and it’s really difficult to get out of that.”

The amount of pain a company is facing right now depends on the degree of digital maturity that the company already had before the pandemic, says Martha Bennett, vice president and principal analyst serving CIO professionals at Forrester. “For a company already with a lot of apps in the cloud, for example, it’s much easier to move people to remote working if you’ve already got that in place.”

Almost half (44%) of CIOs reported large-scale adoption of cloud in 2019, and 77 percent use cloud in some form, according to a report by Harvey Nash and KPMG, which surveyed more than 3,600 CIOs and tech leaders worldwide.

A CIO’s level of unrest also depends heavily on their industry and country, industry-watchers say. KPMG breaks it down into four patterns of recovery, although one enterprise can cover more than one pattern if they have many geographies and lines of business.

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