Building enterprise agility

Why and how to foster this key capability in your organization

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Disruption, first digital disruption and now business disruption in the wake of COVID-19, has become the rule rather than the exception, making this a critical time for organizations to reassess their digital transformation strategies as well as core competencies and capabilities.

While transformation is often thought of as a one-time change, the journey is never truly finished, and organizations need to build capabilities that will allow them to continuously transform. Organizations with this intrinsic agility will respond faster to change, already possessing the adaptability to move quickly towards the next hurdle or the next finishing line — akin to being the first off the blocks in the 100m sprint or even starting 5m ahead of the pack.  

Mastering enterprise agility can not only accelerate digital transformation journeys but accelerate many other new journeys as well. Thus, enterprise agility should not be considered just a sub-set of a digital transformation strategy, but an overarching business strategy by itself.

Enterprise agility in action

Enterprise agility is not achieved just by cloud-first strategies or flexible workforce strategies, but via a well-planned, holistic approach across your business and operating model, processes, products and services. Here are some examples:

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