5 costly mistakes in infrastructure outsourcing

Consider yourself warned. These mistakes can derail your efforts, erode your business case, and start you off on the wrong foot with your chosen provider. Here's how to avoid them.

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Outsourcing your infrastructure to a managed service provider (MSP) has its benefits.  Lower support costs, variable resource unit costs, and reduced cycle times for provisioning project resources are among the benefits most valued by companies who make the shift.

But outsourcing infrastructure also comes with the risk that an MSP will give you exactly what you ask for, not what you need, and it could come at a higher cost than you expected. 

Here are five common and very costly mistakes organizations make when outsourcing infrastructure to MSPs and how to avoid them. Being aware of these risks and taking proactive steps to mitigate them will position you to obtain the benefits of outsourcing while preserving and even enhancing the business case of your decision to outsource.

1. Not knowing your base footprint before going to market

Organizations often go into their outsourcing initiatives feeling confident that they have a clear and accurate understanding of their base footprint only to find surprises when they have someone come in later to audit or inventory what is physically there.

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