Exclusive survey: How IT is recovering from the COVID-19 crisis

IT leaders’ initial responses to COVID-19 helped keep many businesses open — now the emphasis is on thriving, not just surviving.

Exclusive survey: How IT is recovering from the COVID-19 crisis
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The pandemic we hoped would be over in a couple of months is still with us and, like the health consequences of the virus itself, its effects on the economy are proving damaging in the short term and uncertain in the long term.

When IDG Research carried out its CIO COVID-19 Impact Study in April, the situation was grim, with tens of thousands of new cases of the virus causing more than a thousand deaths every day, and offices and factories across the country shut down, with staff either laid off, furloughed or working from home.

Months later, much hasn’t changed. Tens of thousands of new COVID-19 cases are reported every day, although fewer are proving fatal. And CEOs still expect IT leaders to make digital transformation and improving the experience of working from home their top priorities.

But IT’s resiliency and response to the pandemic has had an impact. So too have emerging digital avenues for realizing revenue, even as traditional marketplaces slowly re-open. To get a clearer picture of how IT leaders are adapting, IDG Research went back into the field to bring us its CIO Pandemic Business Impact Survey. Meanwhile, CIOComputerworldCSOInfoWorld, and Network World have reported extensively on the ways in which enterprises are responding, reorganizing, and redefining their priorities in this new reality.

What they’ve found is that CEOs are increasingly expecting CIOs to focus on product innovation, driving customer engagement and collaborating with lines of business to help streamline technology purchases. In addition, with some firms struggling and others seeking economies of scale to cut their costs, more CEOs are looking for IT help with mergers and acquisitions.

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