The CIO Show: Raising the customer experience

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It’s become the holy grail of tech, improving the customer experience. 

In this episode, we hear from respected authorities at the coalface of this important, fast growing area of tech, including Steven Bonnici, chief information officer, international markets at Ford, who shares how he’s leading a team harnessing AI and other technologies to better understand customer wants and needs, and ultimately building better cars and driving experiences.

Nicki Doble, group chief information officer at Cover-More Group explains how one of the world’s biggest travel insurers is using technology to give travellers better, more specific protection, and how the future of travel – whatever that’s going to look like - will be shaped by digital.

We also hear from senior Accenture partners Bronwyn van der Merwe and Amit Bansal, about what the firm is seeing in the market right now, and hear their advice for CIOs looking to deliver better CX.


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