AI gives IT an edge in improving customer experience

The pandemic has only accelerated IT’s need to improve digital customer experiences. From healthcare to retail, IT leaders are increasingly turning to AI for help.

AI gives IT an edge in improving customer experience
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Even prior to the pandemic, improving customer experience was becoming a major priority for IT. COVID-19 and the resulting shift in business models have only accelerated that strategic directive.

Delivering a positive customer experience is even more important now, as businesses prepare for a post-pandemic world that will still involve lots of home-based workers, rising e-commerce transactions, and an unprecedented number of digital interactions between companies and their clients.

From healthcare to retail, artificial intelligence is rising to the challenge. With AI, enterprises from an array of industries are improving customer experience by accelerating how tasks are handled, gaining more insights about customer behavior and preferences, and providing new interfaces to make transactions more pleasurable for customers.

Here is a look at how four companies are deploying AI to deliver a better customer experience.

Virtual waiting rooms and texting chatbots

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