The CIO Show: Navigating the skills shortage

There are signs of growth but we still have a way to go to meet demand for tech workers

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In this episode of ‘The CIO Show’ we look at the latest report to drop analysing Australia’s tech skills workforce, showing that while there are very encouraging signs of growth, we’ve still got our work cut out for us in bolstering the profession in Australia to meet base-level demand, let alone position us to become the sort of global digital leader we should be aspiring to be.

As outgoing Australian Computer Society CEO Andrew Johnson explains, tech remains among the fastest-growing professions in Australia. 

COVID has certainly thrown a spanner in the works, causing a big drop in the number of skilled workers from oversees. Yet on the other hand, according to Sharryn Napier, A/NZ boss with New Relic, enhanced capabilities for enabling people to work remotely from more locations has expanded the local talent pool, now and likely well into the future.

We also chat with Sensis CIO, Aman Sahani about the ‘Skill-Will’ matrix and how tech leaders should try to think more holistically during the recruitment process.


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