The CIO Show: IoT really is a thing now

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In this episode of the CIO Show we dive into the fast-expanding universe that is the internet of things, featuring two Australian CIOs spearheading amongst the largest IoT deployments ever seen in the country. 

Ian Robinson, chief information officer at WaterNSW, shares with us his experiences replacing, in some cases, 100-year old equipment, practises and thinking to transform management of Australia’s biggest, most complex and politically-charged water network, from the quality of the sip we take from the tap, to supporting farmers, primary industry and indigenous stakeholders. 

We also talk to Ben Waterhouse, chief information officer at Australia’s biggest equipment hire company, Coates Hire, about how IoT is being deployed to transform the customer experience, as well as actual operations, with a breathtaking – and growing – number of sensors and other data points now being tapped and analysed.  

And Gartner's distinguished VP, Kristian Steenstrup, explains how the IoT space is developing along three distinct lines, the evolving security challenges and where he expects it to be in five years’ time. 


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