The CIO Show: Getting security right in the cloud

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The move to cloud computing has been creating a new cyber security landscape for Australian enterprises for several years.

Now with the increased complexity of hybrid cloud environments, greatly accelerated of course by COVID-19, CSIOs and CIOs with responsibility for cyber are having to rethink how they go about creating effective frameworks to ensure protection in an increasingly virtual world, with more data, systems and people operating at the edge and outside of the company firewall. 

We talk to Chris Neal, the CSIO at Australian healthcare giant Ramsay Healthcare, about his experiences and perspectives managing cyber in arguably the most vulnerable sector of all at the moment. 

James Turner, managing director for CSIO Lens, the peak body for cyber security professionals in Australia and New Zealand, explains the importance of ‘asset’ management, as well as thinking about operations, while stressing that many cloud services have strong security capabilities, if only customers would turn them on.  

And David Hawks, partner in cyber risk at Deloitte in Australia zeros in what he sees as being arguably the biggest issue with regard to cyber in the cloud: technical debt. Many organisations make the mistake of simply “shifting and lifting” workloads from the old world to the new without making the necessary adjustments to properly protect themselves, and without ensuring appropriate levels of collaboration across the organisation and with partners across the supply chain.


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