Accenture apprenticeships diversify talent pipelines, bridge IT gaps

Accenture’s National Apprenticeship Program is opening up new, diverse talent pipelines to recruit motivated candidates who can be upskilled or reskilled for IT roles.

Accenture apprenticeships diversify talent pipelines, bridge IT gaps
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When it comes to finding qualified talent to fill key roles, many IT leaders these days are coming up short. Ninety-six percent of US-based IT and business executives in a recent CompTIA survey said too many workers lack advanced IT skills, with nearly 9 in 10 believing that neither K-12 schools nor colleges are sufficiently preparing students for today’s IT jobs.

Enter Accenture’s National Apprenticeship Program, an “earn while you learn” IT training and hiring program designed to connect nontraditional candidates with IT career opportunities to diversity the talent pipeline and address the growing IT talent skills gap.

The program, developed after Accenture executive leadership realized the company wasn’t going after all the pools of talent available, opens the door for candidates without a traditional four-year degree in IT or a relevant field, says Pallavi Verma, Accenture’s senior managing director of North America Quality and Risk Lead, who helps develop the programs in each city to ensure they find and recruit local talent and build relationships with local colleges and training programs.

The IT apprenticeship program was launched in 2016 as a way to upskill and reskill qualified candidates to give them a head start in the IT industry. By the end of 2020, the company will have trained more than 700 apprentices in 27 cities across the US, with a majority of those apprentices accepting full-time work at Accenture. 

Addressing the gap by investing in talent

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