Lessons from COVID: Futureproofing your IT infrastructure

IT leaders are leveraging the pandemic’s real-life stress-test to rethink IT strategy around building resiliency for an uncertain future.

Lessons from COVID: Futureproofing your IT infrastructure
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2020 has seen IT executives dealing with major disruptions, and many are still uncertain about what IT will be like on the other side of the worldwide health crisis.

Aside from supporting work-from-home initiatives, rolling out digital initiatives, and meeting rising ecommerce demands, CIOs must process the past several months to determine what projects the should take on to ensure their IT infrastructure is where it needs to be to meet the needs of a rapidly changing future.

That means leveraging lessons learned from this real-life stress-test of the kinds of disruptions IT might endure in the future, and the need for resiliency and flexibility to ride through them.

Here, IT leaders share how they are working to futureproof their organizations’ infrastructure to prepare for a post-pandemic world.

Supporting remote work long term — and embracing automation

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