The CIO Show: Natural language processing is getting louder

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In this episode we’re circling back to one of the key themes to emerge from our debut two-part episode on AI, being natural language processing.

We begin talking to Hannah Sakai, director of analytics strategy innovation division with IAG, Australia’s largest general insurer, about a powerful NLP solution her and the team developed inhouse to speed up processing of ‘total-loss’, or ‘write-off’ motor vehicle claims. Sakai explains in detail how they applied NLP to bring this down from three weeks to three days, and how the solution is now primed to be rolled out across IAG more broadly.

Dr Rhoda Abadia, program director for the University of South Australia’s online bachelor of IT and data analytics takes us on a deep-dive into an exciting NLP trial aimed at better understanding how online students are coping with their studies – and life in general – by analysing words from chat forums and emails. As with IAG’s project, Uni SA is poised to roll-out NLP across the entire university, driven partly by the fact regular students are now having to adapt to virtual learning situations.

And we welcome back to the show Sharon Hakkenes, senior director analyst at Gartner and former healthcare CIO, who explains the incredible NLP applications being conceived and deployed for improving how hospitals and healthcare professionals operate, leading ultimately to greatly improved health outcomes, and even saving lives.


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