From scrubbing toilets to tech leadership: Former Superloop CIO Andrew Lawrence

Recently departed CIO with Superloop, Andrew Lawrence reflect candidly on an unconventional career, and explains why the telco sector has served him a lot better than banking.

andrew final cut
Andrew Lawrence

Former CIO and CSIO with telco challenger Superloop, Andrew Lawrence has had a rather unconventional journey beating a path to becoming a senior tech leader in Australia today.

Drawing the line at cleaning toilets and stripping paint on two fraught high-school work experience placements in the 90s, he eventually ended up working at then fledgling Brisbane ISP OnTheNet, providing dial-up customer support.

“Then I convinced the boss to give me a job, paying $12 an hour. I was loaded,” he says.

His final years of high school involved combining late afternoon and evening shifts most days during the week at OnTheNet while he completed his studies.

After graduating high school, Lawrence took a full time job, moving on to data networking and systems admin, as OnTheNet continued to grow.

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