IT Resume Makeover: Setting the tone for IT leadership from the top

In this resume makeover, Andrew Ysasi helps an IT executive highlight his leadership experience on his resume, demonstrating his qualifications for a senior IT leadership role.

IT Resume Makeover: Setting the tone for IT leadership from the top
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Objectively narrowing down your achievements, skills, and expertise when writing your resume can be daunting for anyone, especially for those with a storied career. IT leaders in particular can be susceptible to selling themselves short. Adept at weeding out candidates based on their resumes, IT leaders often overlook what sets themselves apart when writing their own.

Mark Weatherbee is one such IT leader who felt his resume didn’t reflect the true value he has created over his 31 years working in IT, calling it a “sea of black and white with no true focus.” He worried his resume would not set him apart from the competition in his search for a senior IT leadership position.

“It was long, showed too much from jobs that were over 20 years ago and provided information that is not important to future roles,” Weatherbee says.

We set Weatherbee up with Andrew Ysasi, president of Adamovio and vice president of Vital Records Control, for a resume makeover. Upon reviewing Weatherbee’s resume, Ysasi could easily see that Mark had extensive IT leadership experience and would be a perfect fit for a senior IT leadership position. But Weatherbee’s resume left the reader “unsure” of what roles he is interested in, Ysasi says, as well as the industries he has experience working in and the size of organization and teams he’s worked for in the past.

Separate yourself from the competition in your summary

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