The CIO Show: How automation helped Australian tech execs during a crazy 2020

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The final episode of The CIO Show for 2020 is on automation.   

It’s a fast-growing area, accelerated by COVID-19 as CIOs have sought ways to maintain and increase agility as organisations looked to mobilise entire workforces and pivot their operations in ways never seen before. 

We talk to senior technology leaders at two of Australia’s leading universities about their experiences deploying automation; what problems were they trying to solve, how successful were they, and what insights have emerged to inform future work. 

Will Calvert, director of technology and enablement for RMIT Online talks about how he and his team dealt with an almost 30 per cent rise in online course enrolments this year, and the increased role being played by ‘learning analytics’ in better understanding student wellbeing, and course and career objectives.   

Shiv Chandra, process automation team lead with the University of Melbourne talks us through the past three years since the organisation embarked on its automation journey, and how it’s using the technology the serve up ‘proactive offers’ to students, often before they themselves receive their results.   

And Ghislaine Entwisle, managing director of tech consulting at global consultancy firm, Protiviti shares her expert insights garnered from years working at the coalface of automation across multiple industries, giving something of a deep dive into a current project with one of Australia’s biggest children’s hospitals. 


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