The year ahead for Watercare CDO Rebecca Chenery

What’s on the tech horizon for Watercare CDO Rebecca Chenery in 2021 as New Zealand—and the world—emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic?

rebecca chenery of watercare

A drought and a pandemic are tough at any time, but together they added up to a year of disruption in 2020 for Rebecca Chenery, the chief digital officer at Watercare, the organisation responsible for water and wastewater in New Zealand’s largest region, Auckland.

Chenery, who placed first in the 2020 CIO50 New Zealand awards, is understandably cautious when looking ahead to 2021, given the curveballs thrown at the organisation in the preceding 12 months. “We’re staying the course with our technology roadmap and everything we planned pre-COVID, but we have baked in a layer that makes sure we can adapt and accommodate change as we need to,” she says.

Data and data visualisation on 2021 technology roadmap

With major investments in modernising core ERP platforms and digital workplace tools now complete, the focus is on data and analytics, Chenery says.

The team is looking to implement smart metering technology and is testing devices to see how they perform in wet underground conditions. The data generated from these devices will be used to drive better decisions internally, enabling Watercare to more proactively manage leaks and anticipate issues.

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