9 IT resolutions for 2021

IT leaders share their visions on how they hope to transform their teams, their organizations, and themselves in the new year.

Tanya Hannah has an ambitious agenda for the upcoming year, seeing in the months ahead the opportunity to use technology to change how work gets done and how constituent needs get fulfilled.

Hannah, CIO for King County, Wash., sees 2021 as a time to reimagine: how the county operates, how it delivers services, and how it serves the people who live and work within its boundaries.

“We want to make King County a place where everyone can thrive,” Hannah says.

Tanya Hannah, CIO, King County, Wash. King County, Wash.

Tanya Hannah, CIO, King County, Wash.

It’s a bold vision, but Hannah has an equally impressive plan on how she and her IT team can accomplish it. She says her team will continue to support remote work, which will continue through at least July before switching to a hybrid model that mixes in-office and remote work. They’ll continue to modernize the county’s legacy technology, advance its digital initiatives, further cloud adoption, and bring more analytic capabilities to users to promote data-driven decision-making.

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