5 critical steps to relaunch a transformation initiative

Across all markets, transformation programs that have been on hold for close to a year are being launched or relaunched. Here's how to make sure your transformation stays on the right track and lower your systems integrator spend by 15-20%.

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COVID-19 has clearly changed the way that many of us operate in our day-to-day jobs and it will likely be a defining point in history that will mark the next generation, in much the same way as the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion or the 9/11 attacks.   

One of the by-products of the global pandemic is that it has set the stage for one of the most frenzied periods of vendor services procurement that most of us have seen in our lifetime.  The closest thing I can recall would be the market that existed to support Y2K.  

With this as a backdrop, below are five important steps for all enterprises to take in launching or relaunching their transformation programs in this new era.

Step 1:  Validate the business value proposition

Projects were put on hold as long as 12 months ago, but the enterprise may not be coming back in the same condition it was when the program was put on hold.  It is certainly possible that benefits that were thought to have existed prior to the pandemic may have vanished as companies were forced to put in place new business practices. 

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