The CIO Show: How SD-WAN is charting the future of smarter communications

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In this episode of the CIO Show, we talk to tech leaders and analysts about the fast-evolving SD-WAN space, the role it played in helping organisations better manage the challenges of 2020, and how it is poised to become a core pillar for any sensible digital transformation strategy moving into the future.

Telsyte's managing director and principal analyst, Foad Fadaghi, gives us the lowdown on the SD-WAN market in Australia, revealing a high level of awareness, and actual deployment of the technology, especially amongst larger organisations managing multiple sites. And he points to growing talk about the potential for ‘mobile’ SD-WAN as the promise of 5G starts to materialise.

The Smith Family's chief information officer, Mathews George, explains the central role the charity's SD-WAN deployment has played in arguably its largest and most ambitious digital transformation effort, a core goal of which is to increase its reach by a whopping 30 per cent.  

Minter Ellison's global head of IT infrastructure, Nathan MacGregor, explains how SD-WAN has enabled the Australian law firm to run more efficiently and cost-effectively as it retires a tired and expensive legacy network.

Finally, IDC associate research director, Nikhil Batra, discusses findings from a recent study looking at SD-WAN across APAC, noting there has been a 50 per cent increase in managed services revenues in the space, as organisations move from the DIY approach that characterised its early days. 

Both Batra and Fadaghi address the current divergence of views on the question of whether SD-WAN delivers better or worse security than more traditional, hardware-based networks.


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