5 tips for retaining diverse hires

Diversifying your workforce goes beyond just setting a hiring strategy. You have to overhaul your culture to ensure new hires feel welcome and can thrive.

5 tips for retaining diverse hires
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Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are top of mind for a lot of candidates and employees these days. So, if your IT organization is looking to recruit, hire and retain talent, dedication to DEI is more important than ever. And that means more than just recruiting and hiring diverse candidates. You will also need to foster an environment that makes everyone feel welcomed and that their voice is just as important as anyone else in the organization.

A survey from Deloitte of more than 1,300 full-time employees in the U.S. found that 81% of respondents indicated that inclusion was an important factor when choosing an employer. Additionally, 39% said they would leave their current company for a more inclusive one, and 25% said they’ve already left an organization for a more inclusive one — 30% of those being millennial workers.

“Too many organizations today treat diversity and inclusion as a ‘program’ or ad hoc initiative. To foster real cultures of belonging, where human qualities and differences are embraced and employees feel valued, D&I needs to be tied to everything that happens within the organization — acquiring new talent, building equity with that talent, competing in the market, and more. It should be the lens through which senior leaders make decisions,” says William T. Rolack, VP of D&I at Workforce Logiq, a contingent workforce management solution.

Following are tips on how your organization can establish an organizational culture that not only develops diverse teams but retains them for the long haul.

Educate your organization

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