Chatbot at forefront of training organisation’s effort to scale globally

Exemplar Global’s New Zealand-based CEO describes its efforts to create Emma, an IBM Watson-based chatbot whose first phase helps users find answers.

artificially intelligent [AI] virtual assistant / chatbot

The COVID-19 pandemic may have finally put paid to the multiday residential training courses, to be replaced by short online modules that can be done at a time and pace that suits trainees. For organisations such as Exemplar Global—a not-for-profit that provides training for auditors—the switch to virtual has prompted a fresh look at its online presence.

andrew baines 2 july2014 Exemplar Global

Andrew Baines, CEO, Exemplar Global

CEO Andrew Baines is based in Cambridge, New Zealand, and oversees a staff of 25 scattered around the globe managing the training needs of more than 15,000 auditors in health and safety, environmental, engineering, and other fields—almost anything but financial auditing. The organisation, which is registered in the US, has just created its newest assistant, the chatbot Emma, to take care of basic customer service, leaving staff to deal with more high-value tasks.

“We’re are going through a transformation, unquestionably. For most of the 30 years we’ve been a technical bureaucracy. We’ve assessed applications, issued certificates, and so on. But what we’re trying to do now is to become three things: customer-centric, data-driven, and technology-based,” he says.

The Emma chatbot’s three development phases

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