Kudzai Kanhutu on her journey from Zimbabwe to Australian health-tech warrior

From Zimbabwean girl to CIO50 Top10, how Kudzai Kanhutu flipped the odds to become an infectious diseases doctor, refugee health advocate and digital leader at one of Australia’s leading hospitals.

kudzai kanhutu final
Dr Kudzai Kanhutu

Deputy chief medical information officer and infectious diseases doctor with The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Kudzai Kanhutu, has managed to flip just about every gender, racial and other stereotype on her journey to becoming one of Australia’s leading practitioners and authorities on digital health.

Born to a large family living in Harare Zimbabwe in the 1970s, a ‘woman’s place’ wasn’t something up for discussion or debate.

“Your choices were to become a teacher, a nurse or a secretary,” Kanhutu reflects.

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