Are Asia-Pacific tech leaders finally getting more recognition?

A light bulb with gears and a network of sparks that form the shape of a virtual brain.
Urupong / Getty Images

The chief information officers’ decades-long struggle for recognition across the executive group was cemented in 2020, thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic and IT leadership becoming the ‘go to’ force for driving innovation and continuity for business.

This is the key finding from 1,062 tech leaders worldwide – including 24 per cent from the Asia-Pacific region - who responded to the 2021 State of the CIO survey.

Michael Fagan, who was chief technology officer at the Australian operation of large retailer Kmart when COVID-19 hit in early 2020, and is now chief transformation officer at Village Roadshow, says being able to mobilise quickly and respond to urgent needs has certainly enhanced the reputation of IT teams and CIOs.

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