10 tips for fostering a culture of continuous learning

To create and maintain an adaptable, dynamic organization that thrives in ever-changing conditions, IT leaders must encourage staff to continually acquire new skills and embrace new mindsets.

10 tips for fostering a culture of continuous learning

When McAfee CIO Scott Howitt asks prospective hires about their hobbies, he’s actually trying to discern whether they’re self-motivated learners.

“I purposely look for people for whom learning is a hobby: Do they travel, do they read, are they programming Raspberry Pis on their own? Those are the people I want,” Howitt says.

He hired one applicant who set up a mini data center in his garage to work on networking skills, and he created a position for an HR colleague who shared that she had earned the Global Information Assurance Certification on her own.

Scott Howitt, CIO, McAfee McAfee

Scott Howitt, CIO, McAfee

Howitt values these self-starters because he (like every CIO out there) needs workers who are willing to evolve their knowledge to keep pace with the quickening speed of technology evolutions and business disruptions.

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