Project management methodologies: How to choose the best for success

Selecting the best project management methodology (PMM) for the job relies on developing a sound evaluation process. Our guide to evaluating PMMs will ensure you pick the perfect fit for your next project.

Project management methodologies: How to choose the best for success
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Every project — and project team — is different, and to ensure success, the project management methodology (PMM) chosen to steer each project to completion should match not just the project and team’s needs, but also those of the project’s stakeholders and the organization at large. 

The right project management methodology will establish guiding principles and processes that define how teams work and communicate throughout all stages of project execution. Without an appropriate methodology, it can be difficult for team members to stay on the same page and complete their tasks, meet deadlines, or deliver solutions to specifications. So, choosing the right project management methodology is the first step to success.

The following guide aims to give you a deeper understanding of how to select the right PMM for the job — a process that includes evaluating how a PMM impacts goals and priorities, and how each project management methodology can have the greatest positive impact — or derail your organization’s likelihood of success.

OPM3: A model for PMM selection

The process required to assess, document, and select the right project management methodology is detailed, time-consuming, and complex, but worth it in the end — assuming the most appropriate PMMs have been selected.

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