The CIO Show: Finding Australia's top talent in 2021

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It’s a perennial question for CIOs as they seek to hire and build the best teams: to what extent should experience be valued over qualifications, or the other way around?

Tech professionals working at the coalface last year would have acquired several years, even more, of valuable experience spanning major crisis – and stress – management, while being part of a step-change in how organisations view and interact with IT.

Alastair Sharman, chief digital officer at health giant, Brisbane's Mater Health, describes how he’s rewriting the CIO recruitment playbook as the organisation looks to cram some 10 years’ worth of digital transformation into three. A big part of this is knowing your team, individual strengths and understanding how to help people to be the best they can be.

Neha Kumar, director at Gartner’s CIO research and advisory group, says the lifecycle for tech skills has never been shorter than it is today, and stresses the importance of developing a proper workforce strategy that takes into account core competencies beyond mere technical skills.

Bridget Gray, APAC VP with global consultancy firm, Korn Ferry, says businesses can have all the great tech in the world, but projects won’t be successful without the right people, and stresses the importance of having a recruitment strategy and approach that assesses people’s propensity for creativity and innovation.

And David Jones, MD Asia Pacific at recruitment firm Robert Half, discusses highlights from its 2021 Salary Guide for Australia, including the fact that 73 percent of Australian CIOs plan to extend salary increases to their tech employees this year.

A further 69 percent say they are willing to increase their initial salary offering to secure tech talent; 82 percent of CIOs are concerned about losing their top IT talent with 53 percent believing it will be more challenging to find qualified tech employees compared to before the pandemic.

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