4 tips to kickstart your agile practice

As we go from crisis to recovery in year two of COVID, it's time to reset your team's agile velocity. Here's how.

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For years, agile has been the essential approach for keeping innovation teams moving with collaborative precision and velocity. In 2020, many organizations were forced to flip their agile processes upside down to meet the challenges of remote work during the global pandemic.

For tech teams and leaders eager to keep moving forward as we return to the physical workplace, here are four tips for resetting agile teams and processes without losing time or talent.

Assess agile team maturity

Historically, agile has thrived through the colocation of team members. With the pandemic, that was impossible. Video and voice-driven connections replaced in-person collaboration. The question now for tech leaders is how a year or more apart impacted team performance and maturity levels.

Assessing maturity levels for some teams might mean going back to basic agile measures, such as lead times, sprint burndowns, and throughput. Examine what numbers the team was hitting prior to pandemic-driven dispersion, using tools like Jira, ClickUp, or Basecamp, and see how those numbers have changed. This should reveal whether there was maturity lapse, stability, or growth in agile team performance and help establish a new foundation for measuring goals and success going forward.

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