Episode 3: You’ve Passed CIAM 101 – Now It’s Time to Automate

As you continue to scale, plan to invest in stronger security and new customer experience features.

You’ve learned the basics of customer identity and access management (CIAM). And you’ve listened as experts from Okta explained the CIAM Maturity Curve, which helps organizations determine where they fall on the spectrum.

In this third episode of our 5-episode podcast, The C-level Strategic Guide for CIAM Investment, we will explore phase 2 on the CIAM Maturity Curve: Automated.

Companies at phase 2 can face a range of new challenges, says Keith Casey, API Problem Solver at Okta. “The biggest challenge we have is that if we did phase one successfully, if we launched our product successfully, we have users and having users is great. Users generate traffic, hopefully they generate revenue,” he says. “But then we start running into problems because as we get more users, the complexity increases. Supporting 10 users and supporting 10,000 users looks a little bit different, but it’s also supporting the integrations that they need.”

“At this stage we can almost become a victim of our own success because at 10 users, regulators, all these organizations, don’t care about us. We’re too small; we’re uninteresting,” he explains. But at “10,000, at 100,000, at 1 million [users], now suddenly they all take interest and we have to solve these problems as cleanly and easily and as safely as possible.”

And how do companies overcome these challenges? Listen in to learn all the details.


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