Baylor goes back to basics to build ERP for the future

To support its ambition to become a top-tier research institution, Baylor University overhauled its ERP systems, a process that required getting back to the fundamentals of business-IT collaboration.

Baylor goes back to basics to build ERP for the future
Baylor University

Back in 2018, Baylor University was running two separate ERP systems, one for finance and one for human resources — the kind of thing that can be a major pain point in an organization where staff make up the largest part of the cost base.

In July of that year, Baylor IT began migrating those systems to Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM as part of a broader IT transformation to elevate the university to a Tier-1 research institution. Baylor’s then interim CIO, Becky King, moved into the role of project director, retiring in September 2020 after the ERP went live. Meanwhile, Baylor’s CISO Jon Allen took over CIO responsibilities, spending two years as interim CIO before being confirmed in that role in July 2020.

Another key contributor to Baylor’s ERP transformation was Brett Dalton, who was appointed chief business officer just as the migration kicked off.

“He inherited an ERP project coming in the door. It was incredible the way that he was able to own that, due to his prior experiences doing ERP projects in the past,” Allen says.

Deep learning

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