Universities lean into 5G to prep next-gen workforce

Universities are deploying 5G networks to lure and educate students with the technology’s most promising business cases in preparation to fulfill future demand for emerging skills.

Universities lean into 5G to prep next-gen workforce

Companies that have deployed 5G technology on their corporate campuses are few and far between. College campuses, however, are racing to roll out the ultrahigh-bandwidth, low-latency networks.

Institutions of higher learning from Connecticut to Missouri are experimenting with 5G networks, a move to both entice students to enroll and to give current attendees early access to the future of speedy, data-hungry applications.

Their thinking — and pitch to current and future students — is that 5G will become more ubiquitous and that graduates will have a leg up on job candidates who haven’t dabbled in the technology.

“It seemed like a no-brainer to add 5G to enhance our academic offerings,” says Terrence Cheng, campus director at The University of Connecticut’s Stamford campus, which plans to deploy 5G+ and Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) technology to advance entrepreneurship and innovation. Cheng expects the rollout will help students “to grow and prepare professionally.”

Toward a 5G future

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