Cloud or bust: IT leaders go all in on cloud computing

A growing number of CIOs are committing most if not all of IT to the cloud to improve security, flexibility, and agility — and to free up teams to focus on innovation and enhancing IT services.

Cloud or bust: IT leaders go all in on cloud computing
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After nearly two centuries in the boat-building business, Brunswick spent this spring readying for a different kind of launch.

The Mettawa, Ill.-based company prepped for a June release of two new mobile apps. The first app aims to help new customers learn about their boats; the second creates a boat club-like experience for its European market users.

“With our shift to cloud, we’re in a better position to deliver digital products and to mature them in a much more agile way,” says Brunswick CIO Mike Adams.

CIOs have been moving to the cloud for more than a decade, seeing it as instrumental to success in the digital era. And a growing number of CIOs are reaching a pinnacle of their cloud computing journeys by having most or all of IT running in the cloud.

But reaching that level of adoption isn’t the real prize, even if it’s the target some CIOs are aiming to hit. Experts and veteran IT leaders say the real objective is knowing how to use the cloud to its fullest extent in supporting digital innovations that will propel the organization into the future.

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