7 ways to win the IT talent war

In the battle for IT talent, victory goes to the bold and ingenious. Here’s how to ensure your organization outmaneuvers the competition’s hiring efforts.

7 ways to win the IT talent war
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The IT battlefield is littered with the careers of CIOs who failed to understand that top-tier talent is essential to remain competitive in a world of continual tech disruption. And the stakes may only be getting more intense.

“We don’t expect the labor shortage to end in the short term,” states Marc Tanowitz, managing director for advisory and transformation at business and technology consulting firm West Monroe. “The pandemic has caused many people to reassess their priorities, goals, and lifestyle, resulting in fewer workers available for every open job when compared to the average over the last 20 years.”

Attracting the best IT talent without launching payrolls into orbit requires a combination of guts, imagination, and persistence. Here are seven tactics that IT leaders have found to be highly successful in securing the talent necessary to succeed.

1. Commit to building a top-tier workforce

Highly skilled professionals don’t want to be associated with second-rate employers.

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