Rethinking IT governance for agility and innovation

To meet today’s need for constant innovation, IT leaders must take a different approach to IT governance centered around flexibility and agility — without sacrificing stability and security.

Rethinking IT governance for agility and innovation

Josh Hamit understands why IT governance sometimes gets a bad rap.

“When I and others think of governance, it has the connotation of being slow and having a lot of hoops to jump through, and that’s scary for an organization in this age of digital transformation,” he says.

Hamit then asks: “In a time when we need to embrace innovation, how do we do that in a way that governance won’t slow us down?”

It’s a challenge Hamit has been tackling as CIO at Altra Federal Credit Union, where he has implemented a governance model that uses appropriate guardrails for risk management yet still enables adaptability and speed.

More specifically, Hamit’s governance structure defines roles and responsibilities; assigns decision-making and accountability; and creates procedures meant to keep his technology team working on strategic priorities. It also includes policies to ensure IT adheres to required standards and regulatory requirements but with enough flexibility so IT can pivot to meet emerging business needs.

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