The Download on HITRUST and How it Improves Security Posture

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HITRUST CSF Certified cloud providers can further help companies improve their security posture and meet their compliance needs.   

What is HITRUST®? 

HITRUST builds, maintains, and leverages the foundational risk management and compliance framework, known as the HITRUST CSF®, that incorporates multiple regulations and standards requirements. HITRUST provides a verifiable framework that identifies and validates crucial systems and platforms that store, process, and transmit sensitive data. It maps to and addresses over 45 standards and regulations such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, NIST SP 800-53, HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR. HITRUST certification must be renewed every two years with an annual interim review to ensure compliance.

Who does this certification apply to?

All customers can take advantage of the benefits of a service provider's HITRUST certification status. Organizations should consider the level of confidence provided by this certification when seeking service providers for implementation, support, continuous management practices, and cloud services.

Why should customers care about HITRUST?

 Service providers that possess a HITRUST certification can demonstrate capabilities of being a trustworthy resource to handle customer data requirements within their cloud management platforms. Organizations both large and small should seek qualified partners that can prove a high level of transparency in the security of their data and environment, and verifiably show their capabilities through rigorous and proven industry standards.

An authorized third-party assessor audited RapidScale's policies, processes, and procedures against the HITRUST CSF to validate RapidScale's HITRUST Certification status. RapidScale has recently achieved the coveted HITRUST Certification for the RapidScale Cloud Services - Infrastructure and Management’s Network core systems supporting the client environments.  Achievement of the HITRUST CSF certification not only demonstrates that RapidScale is taking a proactive approach to data protection and risk mitigation but is adhering to a rigorous set of information security standards. RapidScale's strategy is to provide the same level of service and integrity of its cloud platform to any customer regardless of its industry.  We want to ensure that we offer a secure and solid platform to our customers and that their ever-evolving environments meet compliance regulations and avoid future threats.

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