Juliet Beauchamp

Video Content Producer

Mars Perseverance rover landing: How IT supports NASA and JPL’s Mars 2020 mission

Podcast: How the new H-1B visa process works

Podcast: How the new H-1B visa process works

March 20 was the deadline to apply for an H-1B visa for 2020-2021. This was the first year that USCIS rolled out a new application portal and process, which could result in more applicants to fill 85,000 visas through a lottery....

The changes coming to H-1B visas | TECH(talk)

The controversial H-1B visa program is seeing some changes that could smooth the visa application process – and proposed changes that could make it more restrictive. CIO's Sharon Florentine explains what's going on.

Gender diversity in IT: How companies are getting tangible results | TECH(talk)

How much progress has been made in gender diversity in the IT field in the past few years? CIO writer Sharon Florentine, who frequently blogs about women in IT, talks with Juliet Beauchamp and Ken Mingis about companies that are...

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