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The analytics imperative: How data and analytics are evolving for the future

Why do so many new data technologies continue to emerge? Ultimately, they’re to create better decision making. Which explains why so many startup analytics companies -- adept with how to use these new technologies – are being acquired...

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How GE’s data transformation journey is unfolding

GE’s on a multi-year, transformational journey with data – all driven by a data “product” strategy that included standing up a single data store, enabling shared services, delivering analytics, operationalizing business units, and...

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How PPG’s business outcome data strategy adapts to growth across 60 acquisitions

As the world’s largest manufacturer of paints and coatings, PPG’s growth over the last 20 years has been through more than 60 acquisitions. At this pace, the required portfolio transformation and globalization requires a flexible data...

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How Mastercard’s decision management platform delivers business value

With 2.5 billion consumer accounts, Mastercard processes 75 billion transactions per year, thereby creating one of the best data sets about commerce in the world. To protect consumers and combat fraud, they created a decision...

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How a 170-year-old insurance firm uses data analytics to assess risk

If data is the new oil, the insights that come from analyzing it – make that loads of it – are goal for companies hungry to satisfy customers and boost revenues and, ideally, profits. But as IT leaders know, data science is anything...

Raghu Sagi, CIO, Inspire Brands

How Inspire Brands IT serves up innovation at scale

CIO Raghu Sagi and his team are creating a multitentant architecture to improve customer experiences and worker productivity across seven restaurant brand.

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Driving digital success through analytics: An IDG editors' roundtable

What sort of culture change is necessary for analytics to play a vital role? What’s the role of the “citizen data scientist”? And how do you ensure you’ve got good data in the first place? Join us as our panelists endeavor to provide...

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8 secrets of successful AI projects

Artificial intelligence holds great business promise, but it takes more than a working model to create scalable, transformative change

Conceptual trend lines track + monitor data analytics [forecasting / future / what's next]

Real-time analytics: 7 tips for success

Fast and accurate insights are crucial in today’s data-driven world, making real-time analytics essential for many enterprises. Here’s how to get it right.

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How CBRE’s data transformation journey is creating better business outcomes

The commercial real estate industry is experiencing an infusion of investment with $60 billion alone supporting property technologies – or “proptech.” CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm,...

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Truck maker Oshkosh drives decisions with data

The 104-year-old manufacturer of specialty trucks and military vehicles is leveraging data to optimize its business.

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AI in the enterprise: Succeeding with agile dataOps and machine learning

Recent research finds that 50 percent of companies have adopted AI in at least one business function while the other 50 percent are early in their AI journeys. How can more organizations take steps to get the culture, data, and...

Neda Tabatabaie, vice president of business analytics and technology, San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks build fan engagement with analytics

Seeking better insight into its marketing efforts, the NHL hockey team is breaking down data silos between business functions and leveraging data in new ways to maximize fan revenue.

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The dirty secret of data analytics: Culture of honest inquiry required

For far too many organizations, analysis has been corrupted by a culture of tweaking parameters to support desired outcomes. Here’s how to establish an honest path to data-driven decisions.

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GSK takes an agile approach to finding value in data

Join us as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) shares the company’s strategy for deriving value from its data and developing the experience and expertise to tackle more challenging data projects down the road.

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Domino’s orders up MLOps to speed up data science delivery

The popular pizza maker is tapping into the emerging MLOps field, which helps the company’s data science team refresh data models and push them into production without IT’s help.

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4 tips for launching a successful data strategy

Becoming a data-driven company isn't as simple as amassing loads of data. If it were, more companies would already be reaping the rewards. Here, four CIOs offer their experience and advice on getting started turning data into business...

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What is data visualization? Presenting data for decision-making

Data visualization is the presentation of data in a graphical format to make it easier for decision makers to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data.

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