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LinkedIn takes to TV with 'moon shot' ad

A flashy new TV advertisement from LinkedIn aims to remind its professional users that they are 'closer than they think' to landing their dream job … even if those dreams include space exploration. However, critics have mixed...

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CIOs look to LinkedIn to recruit (and be recruited)

CIOs are finding a reprieve from the global IT talent vacuum in LinkedIn. IT executives are using the professional social networking platform to land new gigs.

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How to boost your LinkedIn profile ranking

Hiring experts share customized keywords that will bump you to the top of LinkedIn searches for CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and vice presidents of IT.

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5 ways to manage your LinkedIn email

LinkedIn promises to stop spamming you and announces two updates that reduce the number of emails you receive. Here’s a look at other ways you can cut down on the email clutter.

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LinkedIn Pulse mobile app gets smarter news streams

LinkedIn's updated Pulse news app for Android and iOS serves personalized news streams based on your LinkedIn profile attributes and connections. It can also help you keep tabs on key developments in your industry.

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'LinkedIn Out Loud' videos lampoon ludicrous profiles

Have you ever read your LinkedIn profile out loud? If it sounds anything like the ones spotlighted in this 'LinkedIn Out Loud' video series, you need to change the way you represent yourself on the professional network. Right now.

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4 simple LinkedIn tips to polish your profile

LinkedIn is the online destination for sharing professional experiences and career advice with peers, and as such it's essential that you present as positively and professionally as possible on the site. To that end, here are four...

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8 LinkedIn users we love to hate

If you're a regular LinkedIn user, you've probably encountered the dreaded Spammer, the way-too-friendly Stranger and the starry-eyed Trivialist. Here's a look at eight annoying characters that are hard not to hate on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn survey details 'new norms at work'

A recent survey of LinkedIn users aims to gauge modern perceptions about the 'new norms' within the workplace. The findings spotlight some interesting differences between male and female workers, among other things.

New database taps LinkedIn to watch the NSA watchers

An advocacy group has figured out a way to study the security state without dependence on leakers. But does it unnecessarily put intelligence workers at risk?

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How to remove unwanted LinkedIn connections

Accepting random connection requests on LinkedIn can be a bad idea, but thankfully it's simple to break bad connections. Here are two simple ways to remove connections on LinkedIn.


3 things we hate about LinkedIn Groups

Lots of LinkedIn users love its Groups feature, but it's hard not to hate these three annoying problems with the service.

4 things we love about LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn users get different types of value from the site's 'Groups' feature, but four benefits in particular stand out.

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Why LinkedIn spent big on

LinkedIn’s $1.5 billion acquisition of is the fourth-largest deal in social media history. It stands to become a major boon to LinkedIn’s future, but first it must integrate the educational technology into its platform.

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Why you can't trust job search experts over (or under) 30

Get the take on job search from someone who has been "in the trenches," and at the same time learn the latest, greatest techniques available to you. Explore the value in both ways before going all in.

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LinkedIn Elevate aims to turn employees into content sharing machines

LinkedIn says sharing more content online can help improve your bottom line and now it has a paid app to increase your sharing.

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LinkedIn love: The 17 countries with the most users

LinkedIn recently announced its latest global membership numbers, and while the United States is the leader, the other countries with the most LinkedIn users might surprise you.

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Why you should use LinkedIn Pulse to self-publish

Self-publishing via LinkedIn Pulse — or writing blog posts on LinkedIn that target its vast user base — can help you gain visibility in your industry, make new connections and find new career opportunities.

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Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn dominate ad market growth

In 2014, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn combined for a 66.3 percent increase in U.S. online ad revenue, but which of the big three is the biggest winner?

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Social, messaging apps struggle with decision to 'bundle' or 'unbundle'

Some popular social media apps 'unbundle' features left and right, while other services stick to all-encompassing apps with a variety of functionality. Each strategy has its pros and cons, and each makes sense for different types —...

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